Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 13 Subbed

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  • The Wily Wimpod

    WHAT!? I was NOT expecting that transportation jutsu, or nue, or the class rep being evil AT ALL!

    • KingNickNack910

      Me neither I liked her a lot,but she was kinda suspect. From the very beginning

      • KingNickNack910

        Is it just me that thinks sumire is fine af

        • watchin

          She a fucking child man

        • The Wily Wimpod

          *Walks away Slowly*

      • The Wily Wimpod

        yeah, i just never pick up on the details haha

    • watchin

      Smh I knew it was her 2 episodes ago, only thing I’m a bit confused about is was it boruto who did the transportation justu with his eye or was did sumier do it. I’m going to go with the former

      • The Wily Wimpod

        It was Boruto.

  • Berkay Kaya

    boruto pisses me off. this series has no killing and every time something interesting is about to happen boruto comes and kills the show by trying to save the wrong people.just let mitsuki kill the class rep ffs and you have to be an idiot to not stop someone who wants to blow up a village,the message is being given out incorrect.only if only boturo was like attack on titan with its killing it would be great

    • Damn, came reckless on his ass. lmfaoooo, but yeah, we don’t need no superhero “let her live” shit. Nah, even superheroes don’t do that. They would be like alright I’m not gonna kill her, but I’mma let my nigga kill her.

    • Final

      You guys are trash

      • How is he trash? Do you have evidence to back that statement?

    • Injun86

      Geez, he’s a kid, whaddya expect? He’s like Naruto like that. You have to remember they just started academy, they’re not even close to taking the Chunnin exam yet. Besides, what would happen to the plot otherwise? Think things through before spouting nonsense

    • Afnan Razzak

      u need to see Attack on Titan thats where the hero you want lives

    • KingNickNack910

      He’s just like Narut. They don’t like to kill but to help people and see them change. It’s because they defeat their enemies with their ultimate technique. Talk No Jutsu.

  • Naruto, don’t be a pussy. This Nue nigga aint on the Kagura level… KICK ITS ASS!!

    • Injun86

      That is true but remember, it’s IN THE VILLAGE with tons of innocent lives at stakes, he can’t take risks like he did with Kagura

    • QueenOtaku996

      Also, he can’t be as risky because he is the Hokage and the Hokage’s life is precious.

  • Luigis Victory

    Oh man I am starting to think next episode will be brilliant but just for a second here I am kinda dissapointed that lee dind’t fack that nue up since his thai jutsu wouldn’T have triggered the chacra absorption AND he has tons of power!

  • danyoon

    was ready for some kurama action but guess not

  • anurag prajapati

    I think Mitsuki is more popular that Boruto in The audience and in today’s epiosde he proved it. Boruto is really a nuckelhead

  • Nicholas Ghianchan

    U all dumb naruto cant do anything cause his chakra will get observed and did u watch boruto movie he never go nine tail mode till then cause his son see it for the first time yea

  • Jason Liu