Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 14 Subbed

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  • The Wily Wimpod

    The arc finale! I’m excited!

    • Donavan Whitted

      Ik right

  • Adem Benmustapha

    the countdown is over ther is no episode

    • Theorist

      there is still few episode i believe cause there was a preview in the last minutes

  • Adem Benmustapha

    it still 18 minutes

  • The Wily Wimpod

    That was a nice end to an arc. It’s just like what Naruto did! Also, is that end song new? It’s probably for the new arc then

  • Fahed Mohammed

    great episode!!!

  • Everest Young

    THats it, talk no jutsu

  • Obitobito


    • KingNickNack910

      Yea like she has a name, yet they say nicho (class rep) so casually.

    • asdfasdf


  • fg

    ninja bullshit: TALK NO JUTSU!

    • Cecilthedarknight_28

      Like father like son

    • Cecilthedarknight_28

      Well he get’s it from his father after all.

  • fg

    and the naruto original series which was packed with action..

  • Ryan Cecilio

    when are ppl gonna realize the in english a jutsu isnt said: talk no jutsu?

  • Amer Mulabegovic

    Boruto gave the most POWERFUL SPEECHE

  • zangetsu1597

    I fuckin knew Boruto was gonna use the Talk To No Jutsu on her. Like father like fuckin son.

    • Jordy Etienne


    • Danny Huang

      like father like son

  • RandomPosterDude

    Jesus, this fucking sucks. KILL SOMEONE ALREADY. You’re gah damn Ninja’s! STOP FUCKING TALKING AND MURDER THE BITCH.

    • Lorene

      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚thinking the samw

    • lmfaoooo damn why you whiling

  • Co,Co Smarts

    another week

  • danyoon

    pretty good for an first arc hope the next one brings back some old characters like sasuke

    • Alex Lai Hon Cann

      You missed Sasuke huh? Yeah I kinda missed him too. I wish I could see what’s he doing right now.

      • Derp Pumpkin

        He’s out doing top s rank stuff ordered by naruto

  • Nate

    Dam I was really hoping that girl died idk from the beginning (the first episode) she really ticked me off

    • Zaihan Angga Wirawan

      That will not happen. Coz class rep is hinata path for boruto

      • Derp Pumpkin

        I Hope not I ship borada

        • Zaihan Angga Wirawan

          Well, class rep is hinata path, but remember boruto will take different path than naruto.

      • Melon pan

        Guess it’s gonna be Sarada and Mitsuki then? Or who is the Ino of the show, chocho? Mitsuki is like Sai.

    • Lorene

      I was hoping she would die as wellπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Aengus

      mitsuki is like the sage from the moon on movie 8 of naruto shippuden

      • Jordi Schlager

        yeah I thought it would be his son at first

    • Danny Huang
  • Jordy Etienne

    i just want to see naruto in action……. πŸ™ fuk that shit

    • Lorene

      Same lol

  • Injun86

    Aaaaaaaand a new shipping war begins

  • LunaticCaius

    guys its been confirmed that sumire is stronger than naruto

  • TheMystique Me

    Wow I’m loving boruto. idk why but wanted to see him acknowledged by naruto (especially his dojutsu). And after a long time I saw a good fight in naruto. Mitsuki is amazing in fighting.
    And why orochimaru is giving orders? Is he trying to protect village in his own ways?:-)

  • TheMystique Me

    WOW I’m loving boruto. idk but I want him to be acknowledged by naruto(especially his dojutsu). And after long time watched a good fight in naruto. Mitsuki is amazing in fighting.
    And why orochimaru is giving orders? Is he still collecting jutsus or is he trying to save village in his own ways:)

  • Mitsuki is a boss ass bitch.

    • But he’s acting gay for Boruto and he needs to back up a little lmaooooooooo

  • H_A Gamer
  • Jordi Schlager

    fucking girl even after everything she still wanna blow shit up just let mitsuki do his thing and kill the bitch πŸ˜€