Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 23 Subbed

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  • Emma Inglis

    *me as the credits play* “Boy, what a great episode! Sarada is my favourite next gen character!
    *me as the next episode preview starts* “Ugh, that’s right, this show is meant to be about Boruto…”

    • The Wily Wimpod

      i like Boruto more than Naruto, I can relate to him more. And I’m glad he admits he’s a brat in the future. Although Sarada is my favourite character

  • salindy13

    Kabuto the man!
    I hope we hear about what happens to those Shin clones in the future.

  • Shafqat uzumaki

    Konohamaru is the only pupil got trained by the strongest 7th hokage,so why doesn’t konohamaru has got some amazing power and abilities like 3rd and 7th hokage??
    And it would be so nice if Negi returns back somehow why did he die he shouldn’t have died like that
    And btw where’s kurenai and Asuma’s daughter and shino’s and tenten’s n kiba’s children?and why doesn’t kakashi Yamato and guy have any children?its episode 23 already and still no clear and full news of next gen childrens

    • Sander Lawbringer

      not sure about shino’s or kiba’s but seems like tenten didn’t get married… truly her boyfriend is her weapons lol.. not sure about guy but kakashi and yamato doesn’t seem the type to marry.. i was kinda rooting for kakashi x shizune or something though. since they seem to be around the same age.

      • Shafqat uzumaki

        Kakashi should get married with the spy kunoichi of the land of key
        And Yamato with shizune,yup
        And kurenai already had Asuma’s daughter why didn’t they show her..
        It’s very incomplete
        I wanna see more

  • Anthony Lam

    Kabuto 😂

  • Hey_Crystal

    I really like adult Sakura. Seeing her 1v1 Shin, I was like YEAH SAKURA KICK HIS ASS!!

  • Shafqat uzumaki

    Konohamaru is the only pupil who got trained by the strongest 7th hokage so why hasn’t he shown any amazing powers and skills like 3rd and 7th hokage?it is already 23rd episode.
    Where are the rest of the children like asuma and kurenai’s and kiba’s and shino’s and tenten’s.
    Why haven’t kakashi Yamato guy n all have married till now they should have already had their children n grown older than boruto and sarada
    It doesn’t feel like old times when all the next gen are not there
    And where are the 3 member genin teams of kiba n tenten n Hinata n shino n Lee n Sakura??
    There are so many things missing I wanna see