Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 25 Subbed

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  • DarkGhostGaming


  • Lorenzo Jarata

    Village hidden in the mist right? Where’s the naruto bridge?

    • ShadowC0N

      I didn’t even think about that lol. The arc just started though, so we could still see it. It’ll be cool if we could see the bridge builder’s grandson too.

    • watchin

      That wasn’t made in the mist village

  • Saiyan Shafqat uzumaki

    I think pink eyed kagura is the son of the previous mizukage’s main assistant’s(Byakugan eyed) son.
    Just a guess

  • “If you’re gonna pull some pranks, do it with more finesse.”
    – Naruto 2017

  • I would’ve beat the shit out of my kid if he told me to shut up. That nigga wouldn’t have been able to speak for weeks.

    • watchin

      Lol like Forreal. I would have Spartan kick the Shit out of him off that building

  • Roshaan zafar

    Best episode Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • watchin

    Boruto turned into a Bitch real fast. Can’t wait to see the 3rd mizukage in the next episode tho. Also wasn’t the guide the junrchruki (I have no idea on how to spell that) of the 3rd tail beast? Or is that his son because I simply cannot tell. He should be much older if that is him

  • Christian Benedict Pineda