Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 26 Subbed

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  • Lorenzo Jarata

    Now i need to wait for 6 days again…but ime satisfied with thiz episode tho.

  • Consciousness

    I’m tired with these petty thugs… Hope there would be stronger villains and better fight in the next episode

  • Inslander Wessette

    i really think boruto is lacking the dark element that naruto had. Like if when gaara showed up for chunin exams

    • Berkay Kaya

      its too boring compared to Narutos childhood, plus there is no element of hatred for example feels like some cartoon for 6 year olds .

      • Andrew James Gosh

        I think both you and inslander are missing the point that the era this story is taking place in is the beginning of their first era of peace…..EVER. whine all you want, but the fact remains, they are no less spoiled than today’s american college aged generation.

  • Mor Levi

    02:26 What? A dark empty path with a broken lamp? I’ll go there!

  • Samphel Tenzin

    looks like he is an eight tailed jinchuriki

    • watchin

      You mean 3 tail