Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 27 Subbed

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  • The Wily Wimpod


  • The Wily Wimpod


  • Andrej Leitman

    That was Kissame or his son ?

    • Christian Benedict Pineda

      it seems so that other guy is Kisame’s son. they also look alike. but nothing is confirmed yet.

    • Obitobito

      So is there a fish-man clan in the hidden mist, because the mizukage also has sharp teeth. I wonder if it has something to do with orochimaru…

  • Christian Benedict Pineda

    yah!!! new opening song and closing song… i’m glad kagura is a nice guy even though he’s yagura’s grand son.

  • Mor Levi

    WTF?! Boruto didn’t even turn Genin and already knows Wind and Lighting elements???

    • Noorendi

      he knew a bit of wind jutsu, he was trying to learn it from mitsuki rmbr when he saw mitsuki use wind sycthe? but lightning was a real surprise tho. like when did he even learn that.

  • harry potter

    The opening reminds me of ansatsu kyoushitsu

  • Fauxine

    Them bad rushed drawn derpy faces in the end….lmfaoo