Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 28 Subbed

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  • The Wily Wimpod

    daaaaang, i wonder how they’re gonna explain how hachiya DIDN’T die

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    Now it’s Boruto’s turn to stop a war. First Naruto now him.

    • watchin

      They probably would have succeeded if they actually killed him but now that they spared him they don’t stand a chance. What the hell can 7 chunin teenagers who are way over their heads do to a kage? Either kill them or lock them up for life. Be done with this arc already

  • Noorendi

    sometimes its hard watching anime with a logical mind. lol. like what are they thinking trying to kill the hokage’s son, a hokage who is like the strongest living shinobi, and to top it off, also has a friend who is equally strong. like hello, they were the ones who stopped kaguya, mother of the sage of six paths, did they just forget bout tat. hahahais i give up.

    • Allomaternal

      Honestly was about to comment the same thing lmao, naruto and sasuke would demolish all of them without even trying.

  • Luigis Victory

    I hate Sarada for beeing so non caring

    • watchin

      She seemed pretty caring to me especially before she knew he was alright

      • Luigis Victory

        I’ts just not good enough for the fact that he nealry got assasinated this wans’t just some beating

        • The Wily Wimpod

          i don’t think she knew he was nearly killed at that point though

  • VisionZ

    At least we’re finally seeing some action