Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 7 Subbed

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  • Shane Arnold

    cho cho is gorgeous :3

  • Luigis Victory

    Lol we went from Child Predator to fat Girl is an Asshole to Child Predator is possessed to Fat girl is kinda nice(?) in one Episode xD

  • Silverkyo

    Real life Chubby Chaser will be all over Cho Cho like that but I do agree about the Potato Chips challenge tho….

  • Ash Darkstar

    cho cho is so annoying lol

  • Mighty 21

    AWesome i think its the some kind of shadow monster sent by that creepy guy in boruto movie cus he eats chakra and he might have sent thah monster to collect chakra. I guess it is slowly linking to the movie😂😂

    • Krave krazy

      i have a feeling its gone be something that deals with lord orochimaru

  • Emile Coetzee

    What if, the eye of boruto’s is naruto’s hate-sense mixing with the byakugan to make something else? no? okay.

  • MR. VAIN

    What if, Mitsuki summoned that Black Chakra All along… He maybe test Boruto if he is the one looking for. You know, the last Episode Mitsuki Said, having a conversation with the White Snake, I dunno what Episode is that I can’t remember ( SORRY BAD ENGLISH )

    • Michael Nazario

      dont forget though he doesnt know about the chakra too

  • Ham Sandwich

    I think it has something to do with his Byakugan + Uzumaki heritage so its like both sides.

  • Anthony Dubovikov Arnold

    hey guys boruto doesnt have byukugan its a doujutsu and i believe in episode 8 it will show someone giving it to him