Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 8 Subbed

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  • The Lost Eye (TheLostEye)

    why does it say this relesed a week ago

  • The Lost Eye (TheLostEye)

    when it was today

  • Luigis Victory

    OOOOOOh boy so Boruto took the scroll of sealing to use as his summoning jutsu might have awakened the moon side of the 2 yin yang chacra users in his eye together with his byakugan and he finnayl stopped beeing so dense this is a great episode!

  • Jonny Cross Hayashi

    This episode is soooo interesting I can’t wait to see the next one and the nostalgia and funny feel when seeing Hinata and Shikamaru chuckling from Kid Naruto stealing a scroll lol I was laughing so loud xD

  • Bence Hajdu

    This fucking show is such a letdown. Number ninja thing eat a god dam fucking burger every episode. Get mad at people for doubting your “new power” when you did virtually nothing to obtain it. Remember how it was a really big deal between Neji and Hinata their difference in level of using the Byakugan…. Also this shit stalling with useless slice of life shit… This show really is like the title Naruto: blalbalbal…. Just a rip off I keep coming back every week but at this point I just disappoint myself…

  • Akshay Kumar Koppula

    boruto freedom levels are little different.the dedication,the difference in baruto and naruto are very vast.naruto used to make me cry in first 3 episodes but here its lagging a lot of concept,clarity,and its impossible for us to get much into it.ia still watching this becausr of naruto and respect for him ,i truely will u people need to change the comig episodes guys pls we like the most make us believe we can feel the energy,bonds and compassion

  • John Wall

    they stalled so much

    • Marshall Gabriel

      Ikr!? Gah!😒

  • Gregori Vidmar

    It would be really nice if at some point Boruto goes back in time and sees kid Naruto and personally see his struggles.

  • yaoi fangirl

    wow lol i really wish timetravel at this point 😉