Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 29 Subbed

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  • Game_Helper

    This shit is getting so damn annoying, Like can these brats stop talking and get to the point??

    • Thang Za Thang

      Dude, have you watched naruto? Character development is the core of naruto and boruto world, like the Zabuza episodes in the naruto early episodes, they dont just fight and fight. Most of it is characterisation and without it, the fights would be hollow.

  • Sandra See

    Another unsatisfying episode

    • The Wily Wimpod

      i kinda agree but disagree with you on that

      • Petrus Duncan

        agree to disagree on that one

        • Obitobito


  • The Wily Wimpod

    the ending is a little bit different, when it shows a character seemingly walking close-up, sarada isn’t seen, and I think they added denki or inojin

  • watchin

    Damn this is just terrible. This arc is horrible. I really do hope the Series pick up after this