Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 30 Subbed

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  • Does any of you knows my sword?

    • King K


  • Surya Chandra

    like father like daughter

  • Sey

    Did a full-fledged ninja, presumably a chunin, just lose to someone who has not even graduated from the Academy? wtf these power levels are messed up

    • AppleKing

      It happened in Naruto too, recall when Naruto stole the scroll and Iruka lost so Naruto came and finished the fight. And this is Sasukes daughter and as we’ve seen in the past children of powerful ninja often are quite powerful themselves

      • Sey

        Guess I just overestimated the opponent. After all that talk about being the successor to the swords, I thought she’s qualified enough that it would take at least 2 or 3 of the kids to beat her :/

        • AppleKing

          This is true too because she was the daughter of the last wielder. I personally wanted more out of the fight too maybe something more reminiscent of the Zabuza battle perhaps:/

    • Ashfaque Ahsan

      She is the daughter of the legendary Sasuke Uchiha, what else do you expect? For all I care she should be able to fuck all the 7 swordsmen scum within minutes. Mist village is supposed to be a piece of trash compared to the children of the Asura and Indra reincarnations.

      • Saintmark Kolawole

        sort of true, her beating the lightning woman is no suprise but no way she can fuck with all 7 sword men

  • GZB

    That Yagura’s grandson is such a wuss that I actually feel sad for him

  • Aki Yoshi