Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 33 Subbed

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  • Sadiq Ali

    I can’t wait for upcoming episode

  • Wily Wimpod

    For some reason, this episode isn’t working for me…
    probably just my device though

    • Kurama

      try now !!

      • Wily Wimpod

        Sadly it doesn’t seem to work, but I’m watching it on another device perfectly fine. Thanks

  • DarkGhostGaming

    this episode was very nice

  • Ncwar Official

    who the fak cutting onions here?

  • つかれた。

    This episode really hit me where it hurts. As an artist, I went through the exact same struggle when I almost thought of giving up on making art just because of my works not being good enough. I can really feel his frustrations in this episode.

    • Sandra See

      feel ya

    • Fahed Mohammed

      Me too!!

  • Yogesh Prajapati

    Nice i liked it

  • Thang Za Thang

    Was it just me or did anyone else see the answer to Inojin’s question from miles away?