Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 34 Subbed

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  • BarrageUzuchiha

    Who else got hungry

  • Game_Helper

    never knew it could take so much chakra to catch a fish

    • saar cohen

      most definitly! whats ipmortant is that they worked together HAHAHA

  • Bloody Kitten

    nue is really cute

  • Garland Eastman

    Tell me why it’s taking like 98% of the first season for them to become ninja?

  • oejd

    i hope they dont have to rehash the movie too much when the time comes around…. knowing the naruto team it might take 3 seasons hahahah jk

  • Jagen

    This show looks more and more like a bad fan fiction.

    • LeCoconut

      Don’t push it. Naruto was basically like this in its first few seasons. Plus, these fillers are actually pretty good, and since they’re close to graduation, I think after they graduate there’s gonna be something good to watch, some real action or awakening secret powers and stuff.

      • Thang Za Thang

        Agree, characterisation is one of the key themes in the Naruto verse.

  • Obitobito

    This was mildly satisfying

  • Luigis Victory

    17:17 is that you Hinata???