Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 38 Subbed

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  • Game_Helper

    I like the new “Goo” theme, So much easier to operate than the other theme.

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    The amount of kids with an emo “peek a boo” haircut over one eye is insane.

  • An Neli

    I think it’s going to be interesting…

  • Kevsta

    Orochimaru Gaiden next ep HYPE!

  • Shayaan Khusro

    Poor Mirai…

  • Shinobi

    when boruto and sarada almost kissed i was like “NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Alex Lai Hon Cann

      Yeah I know right? It’s just the time Naruto and Sasuke kissed. Haha that was so funny back then.

  • Sten of the beresaad

    The birth of the new team 7.

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    Awesome! Now we have a brand new Team 7.