Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 4 Subbed

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  • Luigis Victory

    A Chimera he summoned a FACKING CHIMERA!!!!

    • Whitewing9709

      I think it was Mitsuki, I was about to flip out if Boruto was that strong !

      • Luigis Victory

        yeah well its actually a manticore a specific kind of chimera surprisingly “seen” all around the world lol

      • Luigis Victory

        we were both half right and half wrong he summoned a Nue apparently xD

  • Obitobito

    I first thought it was the monkey King of the third hokage…
    but then it had a frickin tail with a mouth xD

    • Luigis Victory

      I actually thought that too lul

  • Jima Kiir

    When is the fricken episode gunna come