Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 40 Subbed

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  • Mr foxx

    What is the deal with boruto , he’s a gifted genius but he’s the most foolish guy on the team , I guess being a knucklehead runs in family , I thought kakashi sitting on him twisting him up was enough but it still early and he’s got a long way to go

    And another thing its good that boruto doesnt want hogake and sarada does the chair been waiting for a uchiha a long time

    And stil no jariyah day = wrong shoud of been naruto’s 1st order of business

    • Wily Wimpod

      its unfortunate that boruto only changes during the movie, but i’m fine with these episodes in the meantime.

    • Raymond A Buddenhagen

      Lmao yea its early in the show boruto is going to come along way you will see.. A Lil later on there is a fight with both to and naruto that goes hard and shows how hard baruto has trained..
      Also I believe things will happen to change borutos mind about being hokage in the future. Personally I love this show its going grate exactly how its should in the beginning the new gereration is already smacking ppl around mitsuke is a Lil savage an sarada can already use her sharigan, she just has to hone her ability more.. Along with boruto being a jackass he is a tough kid with no fare already always wanting to help everyone he will turn out just fine.. Never mind himawari already able to use beakugon she’s a Lil savage holy shit..

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    I can’t wait till we get to the part where Boruto is no longer a spoiled brat. I want to punch him so hard while I watch these episodes.

  • Cagliostro DeMolay

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