Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 5 Subbed

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  • Xavy


  • Rontrell Ellis

    Ok mitsuki didn’t see boruto eye change and why they ain’t go more into why he was able to summon that snake like thing or better yet y shino ain’t tlkn bout that instead of welcome parties and sulking moments

    • Sasha Logvinov – SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN 1 season Dubb – Boku No Hero Academia 2

    • Whitewing9709

      I think Mitsuke summoned the Chimera.

      • Rontrell Ellis

        I Dnt but it’s possible

  • Shane Arnold

    Cho cho is love.
    Cho cho is life.

  • Luigis Victory

    Cyborg Teacher xD

  • Whitewing9709

    Arg, I gotta wait until next week ! Shino-Sensei, noooo !

  • Fari Fairis

    Roboshino in action, next ep!

  • Luigis Victory

    Man Boruto got him self like Orochimarus sex slaveas a friend now xD