Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 50 Subbed

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  • Danial this a recap or something?..they literally replayed older ep at the beginning

    • Danial

      just finished the episode..fuck this

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    What is this crap? I should have skipped the first 49 episodes and just watched this instead?

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    Worst player ever. Grrr >:( Why is it still very slow at 360 pixels? Some Rapid player you are. Hmph!

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    I can’t watch here. It’s too slow. [email protected]#$%^&&^&*))

  • Shanmukhadev Somarajupalli

    are you fucking kidding me. i came for something interesting and i got this? wtf?

  • MisterBeja

    wtf is this fucking shit i was excited for a good episode and i get this ass

  • Joshua Francis

    hanabi is waifu material

    • abc

      Too bad she is just that and she didn’t show nothing more yet. I had high hopes in her.

  • Kyuuma Rin

    what is this?it’s getting even worse.