Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 53 Subbed

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  • Shanmukhadev Somarajupalli

    ohh man this is getting close may be 5 episodes away to the movie.

    • ShadowC0N

      the movie literally started with Himiwari’s bday party lol

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    Here comes the movie again. Man can’t wait to watch it exactly like the movie.

  • xenomorph12322

    great episode. finally were getting into the movie. just wish it was animated better

  • Panama J. Craig

    Only 53 Episodes in and we’re covering the Chunin Exam for a THIRD time if the movie is also included…. I mean I can understand flashbacks and need for time to obtain a clear plotline for the manga and anime to follow, but holy f*ck, it shouldn’t take covering the same thing 3 times, changing the lead up to it each time.