Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 54 Subbed

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  • Mr foxx

    Ok good episode this week and that science guy is way wrong , he gave that ninja tool to boruto fully well knowing that he may get disqualified for using it , just to promote his ninja tool , you crafty fuck , he’s lucky am not writing the story bcoz it would of been sai and shikamaru in black hoddies giving this guy a back ally beat down then it’s ibiki’s turn , and if he ever made it back from that one , this guy would be the 1st cyborg citizen of the leaf

    And one more thing , the man on the moon , I know he’s on ice but was he on ice during the movie , I can’t remember ?

  • Don’t do it Boruto you’ll get disqualified if you cheat.

    • Täjíñdër Thåkûr

      Yes , Naruto do it in chunin exam.

  • Täjíñdër Thåkûr

    These episodes are the part of Boruto movie.