Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 58 Subbed

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  • つかれた。

    is it just me or did lee just panicked and forced his hair not to fly away

    is he really just in it for the bowl cut or is he balding and wearing a wig

  • Amina Shah

    Sarada is literally One-punch girl but i wished I saw more of her fight… ofcourse the sexism from kishimoto doesnt fail to amuse me.. He did say in his interview “being female is a human weakness” hate the bastard but what can I say its my first anime Ive ever watched and has been a part of me throughout my life. Even Mitsuki who’s personality resembles sai is more op. We are back to the two male leads being stronger than the female lead….

    • Sten of the beresaad

      Short fight = Topic about sexism. Kill yourself you cancer cell.

      • Amina Shah

        Fuck off you idiotic bastard

  • Hashirama Senju

    I wish these kids could see what real Shinobi did back in my days….