Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 6 Subbed

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  • Rontrell Ellis

    I’m first now let’s watch the episode

  • Rontrell Ellis

    Ok. Not bad they didn’t hav shino b fodderized and moved the plot along well now will boruto be noticed as using a kekki genkai I wonder

  • Rontrell Ellis

    Shino can use summoning Jutsu that’s new for him ok a little increase in abilities yea a bigger insect they shud of had him tell Naruto somehow his son knew he was under possession and to investigate his abilities a lil more or that he will watch him a lil more and how is it only the ppl around boruto being effected even tho last week we had never seen him till then he was the only one and was still around boruto then how come more in the village aren’t effected it seems this has been goin on for a least a month

  • Luigis Victory

    Man the way something was unlocked after the bad emotion ghost went out of his body makes me think that somethings sealed in boruto no after he took the mantichore as his summoning jutsu

    • John Knight

      Curse mark

      • Luigis Victory

        Are you sure it is a curse mark because as far as I know only Orochimaru was able to do these and I highly doubt that Naruto would let his child even in the same City as Orochimaru xD. And also the “monsteer” from the “Emotional Ghost seal” looked alot like the Manticore he summoned

        • Michael Nazario

          its not a curse mark, if so we would be able to see it on his neck and when did he get bite if so?

          • Luigis Victory

            yeah I agree

  • Ephraim Chibuikem Smash

    Cant See The Download Button

  • Obitobito

    Yeeah yeah, yeeah yeah, yeeah yeah uoh oh oou…

  • Shiro

    I’m glad they even included that Shino is way stronger then when he was being possessed, he looked like a badass in Naruto with those black glasses

  • Silverkyo

    Shino got so much screen time in this episode lol….

  • Ez Clunk

    why i can watch this episode 😭😭