Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 61 Subbed

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  • BarrageUzuchiha

    heads up : Boruto’s an IDIOT

    • Sten of the beresaad

      Indeed Boruto cheating ass deserves it.

      • BarrageUzuchiha

        Indeed, Indeed

  • Archie

    Here we go, finally it begins now.

  • See Boruto you shouldn’t have used it in the first place. This is what you get serves you right for cheating.

  • Mr foxx

    Boruto had it coming we all knew it but at least hes learned the true meaning of the chunin exams , also I can see naruto’s fault in this he should of been talking with the boy time ago , and it took his son getting kicked from the chunin , by his own hand , for him to realize .

    Oh and one more thing shadow clones to ur daughters bday party and u dropped the cake . What a knobhead , “Make time for us kids !”