Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 62 Subbed

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  • So Boruto still want to call your father a stupid old man? Nah I don’t think so. See Boruto see how much chakra he has , that’s how much he has and that’s how cool he is. You should really respect your parents including your father and now look he gets defeated. Now need to wait for the next episode and rescue him in the next one.

    • fg

      he doesnt get defeated, think of it as round 1 with alot of handicaps. On the other hand momokishi gets obliterated in round 2

      • Ok!

        • Naruto Died. I already saw it.

          • Nah he’s still alive. If you haven’t seen the movie he was kept alive brought back to their hq and tries to get his chakra. The same thing could happen in the series as well since it’s similar to the movie.

  • Sten of the beresaad

    Damn, i knew what was gonna happen still felt sad AF :/